FAQ's / Cancellation / Refunds

Overseas shipping:

Q: Do you ship to Canada or any other countries?

A: YES! I will ship anywhere that has an address!  Please see our "Shipping Abroad" page. 


Q: What does 50/50 mean?

A: 50/50 is available on even numbered turners (2,4,6,8,10) and means that your turner will be built with half 2.5rpm motors and half 5-6rpm motors. (Example: 6 Cup Turner with 50/50 = 3@ 2.5-3rpm and 3@ 5-6rpm)


Q: What speed is best?

A: Speed is mostly all about personal preference. My suggested guidelines are as follows: If you do a lot of glitter or design while the tumblers is spinning and need precision, then the slower speed is best. If you primarily just spin while doing epoxy layers or you do a lot of alcohol inks or acrylic paint drizzles and need them to move around the tumbler quickly, then the faster motors would be great. Please see the following video for a speed comparison:

General Operating Questions:

Q: My motors are very warm/hot to the touch, is this normal?

A: Yes, the motors will become very warm and seem hot to the touch. This is normal during use. Ensure that there is adequate ventilation behind the turner to aid in their cooling. Do not place any item over/against the motor.

Q: My turner is making a noise. Is this normal?

A: Yes, the motors may begin making normal wear noises after use. This is normal. If there is a friction/screeching noise coming from the PVC arm, you can lube the PVC arm and the 3D printed collar surrounding it to quite this.



Q: Can I cancel my turner order?

A: Once an order is placed, materials are ordered and/or prepped to build your new turner. Turner orders may be cancelled within 14 days after order is placed, but will incur a $25 or 10% cancellation fee, whichever is greater. Order cannot be cancelled after 14 days have passed since order was placed.

Q: Can I return my turner?

A: We do not accept returns for turners unless there is irreparable damage during shipping and an insurance claim is processed (see below).  All turners are built custom to order and I use the best possible materials and put a lot of time into building you a high quality machine. All turners are tested for function, level and excessive motor noise prior to shipping. If your turner develops issues, I will work with you to resolve in a timely manner. If faulty parts are discovered during our troubleshooting with you, I will send replacement parts at no cost to you, and walk you through any installation needed until you are satisfied that the issue is resolved.

Q: My turner is still not functioning properly, can I get a refund?

A: We do not authorize refunds for turners. I will work with you to resolve any issue that your turner was delivered with. If I am notified within 30 days of delivery, and we are unable to resolve the issue over the phone, with or without parts, I will send a paid shipping label for you to return the turner to me and I will repair or replace any parts needed to get you back to 100% and return the turner to you within 3 days of me receiving it back. If you must return the turner to me after 30 days and I have not been previously notified of any issues, you will be responsible for shipping of the turner back to me, and I will pay for shipping it back to you once repaired. Again, at no time, can we authorize a refund on turners, as once they are used, epoxy drippings/buildup renders them unacceptable to repair and resell by Bama Cups.

Q: What do I do if my turner is damaged during shipping?

A: Immediately notify me! Then, be sure to take pictures of the turner, including any damage, the packing material from the box, and several pictures of the box itself, including the stamp on the bottom of the box. DO NOT DISCARD THE BOX OR PACKING MATERIAL. I will process a claim with the shipping company on your behalf, and once the claim is approved by the shipping company, I will immediately begin building you a replacement turner. Please note that the damaged turner MUST be returned to me within 10 days, (at my expense) prior to me shipping a replacement turner. If you fail to return the damaged turner to me within this 10 days, I will assume that you would like to keep the turner. At that time, you may request that the insurance claim payment be issued to you instead of a replacement turner, and you may keep or dispose of the damaged turner at your discretion.

** I take great pride in my work and strive to build you the very best quality product available. I will stand behind my products and do everything in my power to ensure that you are highly satisfied with your purchase!