Turnaround Times for Cup Turners

Thank you for choosing Bama Cups for your new Custom Turner!

TURNAROUND TIMES FOR CUP TURNERS COMING IN NOW ARE ABOUT 4 - 6 WEEKS. THIS IS THE QUICKEST TIMEFRAME IN OVER 2 1/2 YEARS! Updates with approximate shipping dates can be found on our Facebook Group.

(Times were running 7-8+ weeks for past 2+ years!)

(Orders without turners typically ship within 1-3 business days, depending on color choices and product print time for 3D items)

I work very hard to provide you a dependable cup turner and they are very popular. All orders are built in the order that they are received during my normal long work days.


I do offer, when available, a rush order option. Rush orders MUST be agreed upon BEFORE placing your order. Rush orders are guaranteed to SHIP WITHIN THREE BUSINESS DAYS for turners up to 6 Cup, and WITHIN FOUR BUSINESS DAYS for turners over 6 Cup, after rush fee payment is received.

Upon agreement to the rush terms, a rush fee of $50.00 for turners up to 6 Cup, and $75 for turners over 6 Cup, will be invoiced by PayPal after your order is placed.

Note: Rush orders DO NOT "skip in line" over previously placed orders. I simply add extra hours to my already very long days to get rush orders completed for you if you are in a hurry. 

***By placing your order for a cup turner, you understand and agree to the above turnaround times.