4 Cup STACKED Tumbler Turner "The Townhouse"

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Custom built 4 cup STACKED tumbler turner. Are you short on table space, but need more turners? This is your answer! 2 on top, 2 on bottom, and includes a slide in/out tray to keep the bottom covered while working on the top level! Remove the tray to easily access the bottom row.
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My turner housings are made with excellent grade material and my connectors attaching the arms to the motors are 3D Printed to securely attach, while giving exceptional freedom of movement of the spinning arms, allowing for smooth, quiet operation. Each motor is separately switched on front of the machine and you only have one cord to plug into the outlet. Each 4 cup STACKED turner comes with a total of 6 (Twist-on)  arms, with foam for each {Most only come with 4!}, and 2 (twist-on) drying racks on top so that you can start your next round of tumblers while waiting for the previous run to cure. I have shipped these turners all over the country and have many well satisfied customers.
Choose Motor Speed and Choose with No Outlet, or you can Add a 2-Port electrical Outlet to the side of the machine for plugging in your heat gun, light, or phone charger!
Motors turn clockwise and counterclockwise. Simply toggle the power switch off and then back on and it will change direction.
Measures: 15" Wide, 18" Tall, with a 12" Slide in/out tray.
*Built for quality to order. Please check homepage for current turnaround times. Message me for RUSH ORDER OPTION$.