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Bama Cups

Bling Box and Trays for Sorting and Storing Rhinestones

Bling Box and Trays for Sorting and Storing Rhinestones

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Meet the brand new Rhinestone Trays and Bling Box Rhinestone Organizer! Now, you can keep all of your stones separated and at your fingertips! 

The trays feature a sloped and notched front to make pouring back into bags easier without the threat of spilling and losing valuable stones, or you can simply leave your stones sorted and stored in the convenient slide-in Bling Box!


Order the trays individually, or bundle with the Bama Cups Bling Box for easy access storage!

 ***All Bundles will be shipped with no duplicating colors, unless you prefer to choose colors by sending me an email at or by leaving a note on the order (easiest and best way!) 

**Individually ordered Tray Colors may vary depending on availability and may come as all one single color, or any combination of colors! But, feel free to add a note with your favorite colors, and if available, I will be happy to accommodate!

Bling Box is made from laser cut 1/4" MDF material.


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Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews

Now I know why the regular trays didn’t help much with the larger stones.
Update: after using tray for stones it was designed for (ss20) I find the ridges tend to hamper the process because the stones get stuck and makes it hard to pick up.

C. Morse
Best Trays for Sorting

These trays are the best! I use ss16 and ss20 stones the most. These are perfect! Nice quality material and pretty colors.