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Bling Thing "Mini" for Stoning InkJoy and Makerflo Pens

Bling Thing "Mini" for Stoning InkJoy and Makerflo Pens

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This brand new product will allow you to more easily 'Bling Out" your Rhinestone or other decorative pens by placing a 15° slant on the pen, while securely holding it in place. Use the large thumb wheel to easily spin your pen in either direction with ease. Simply slide your pen casing onto the mini arm and get to BLINGING!

Bundle Includes The Bling Thing Mini, 4 Mini Arms/Rods and a 4 slot Working Stand!

**Colors will vary depending on availability and may come as all one single color, or any combination of colors! But, feel free to add a note with your favorite colors, and if available, I will be happy to accommodate!


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