Compact Cup Cradle 3D Printed

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3D Printed cup cradle for placing decals. Skinnies and straights (non-tapered) will sit at a perfect angle. You can flip it around and it will hold a 30oz-40oz Curve nicely also (just horizontal)!

If you want the large curved to be angled, I also offer a large version that has a wide upper support. Comes with felt pads to protect your cup from scratches!

Skinny Tall Cradle: perfect for taller skinnies. This cradle has an end stop on bottom to keep your tall tumbler from sliding off onto the work table .

See it in action here:: Courtney From Courtney's Customs

Cradle Bundle: (Standard and Skinny Tall) 

This compact design will take up very little space on your work station, measuring only 3.5" x 5.5" and Skinny Tall measures 3.0” x 7.0”

*Colors may vary, but feel free to request your special color, and if available, I will accommodate.

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