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KSRESIN Liquidy Split Ultra UV™️ Fast Set Epoxy Resin

KSRESIN Liquidy Split Ultra UV™️ Fast Set Epoxy Resin

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Liquidy Split Ultra UV™ is a two part epoxy resin system with accelerated drying properties. This product is ideal for those who require an epoxy resin with a shorter working time, drying time, and curing time. You need to work quickly as Liquidy Split Ultra UV sets significantly faster than our other epoxy resin systems.

 Liquidy Split Ultra UV contains our Ultra UV™ inhibitors to protect the epoxy resin from harmful UV rays that can damage and cause eventual yellowing to your project. Liquidy Split Ultra UV™ has shown up to 10 times longer lasting clarity in comparison to Liquidy Split™ and similar competitors products when tested in a simulated UV testing machine.

 Liquidy Split Ultra UV™ is unique in it's ability to stay clear while curing, unlike other fast drying epoxy resin systems. Due to the unique nature of this product, it can be used as a top coat and over light colors.

This product does not require a UV light to cure.

Mixed Viscosity: 6800 CPS

 This product uses raw materials that may have slight color variation from batch to batch. In most cases this shouldn't effect the clarity of the project unless applied over a white base.

 ✔️ 15 Minute Working Time

 ✔️ Dry in 3-4 Hours

 ✔️ 1:1 Mixing Ratio by Volume

 ✔️ High Gloss Finish

 ☀️ Industry Leading UV Resistance

 ✔️ Made in the US

 ✔️ Medium Viscosity

 ✔️ No VOC

 ✔️ Ultra-Clear


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