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Expandable Hanging Acrylic Paint Rack Apple Barrel and More

Expandable Hanging Acrylic Paint Rack Apple Barrel and More

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This laser cut, wall mounted Acrylic Paint rack will help to unclutter your craft room and put your colors within reach and clearly visible.

Features an easily expandable design that allows you to add as many levels as you would like, now and in the future. Each level will hold 12 2oz Bottles of Apple Barrel or similar sized bottles (Starter Kit holds 24 bottles!), and you can easily build upon it and add as many middle levels as you would like by simply removing the bottom level (Slides right out) and add new levels as your need to expand the rack arises. You can even start building another rack right beside it and start doubling your capacity!

Rack is available in Self-Assembly and Fully Assembled Options. Self assembly is super easy and requires only a good wood glue. Instructions will be provided. Save money on shipping and product cost by choosing to build it yourself!

Additional charge for "Ready-To-Hang" sets cover assembly time and additional shipping costs due to larger packaging.

Product width is 10.5 inches and assembled heights are as follows: 
Base Kit Only (Top and Bottom "Starter") Holds 24 Bottles = 12.5 inches
Base Kit + 1 Middle Level (Holds 36 Bottles) = 18 inches
Base Kit + 2 Middle Levels (Holds 48 Bottles) = 23.5 inches
Base Kit + 3 Middle Levels (Holds 60 Bottles) = 29 inches
Base Kit + 4 Middle Levels (Holds 72 Bottles) = 34.5 inches
""Simply add 5.5 inches for each additional Middle Level added.""
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