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Bama Cups

KSRESIN Liquid Art™️ Epoxy Resin

KSRESIN Liquid Art™️ Epoxy Resin

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Liquid Art™ is a two part clear entry-level epoxy resin system formulated for creating and coating works of art. If you are looking for an epoxy resin that is affordable, cures water-clear, has U.V. resistance, a long working time and is easy to work with, this product is for you.

 Liquid Art™ is the perfect choice for beginners that are interested in learning to work with epoxy resin. It is a high-quality epoxy resin that is suitable for many general projects.

 Consider upgrading to Liquid Art Ultra UV for improved UV Resistance, or Liquid Art Elite for less bubbles.

 Mixed Viscosity: 4600 CPS


 ✔️ 45+ Minute Working Time

 ✔️ Dry in 10-12 Hours

 ✔️ 1:1 Mixing Ratio by Volume

 ✔️ High Gloss Finish

 ✔️ Made in the US

 ✔️ Medium Viscosity

 ✔️ No VOC

 ✔️ Self-Leveling

 ✔️ Ultra-Clear

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Lena Baggett

Love my Bama cups turner and accessories won’t shop any where else