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The TILT-EZ Mountable Tilting Turner

The TILT-EZ Mountable Tilting Turner

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First of all, YES!!! THAT IS A 64oz HYDRO ATTACHED!! 😲

The TILT-EZ is the perfect add on for your tilting needs! It can attach directly to the top of your current turner, or any other flat surface. It fits perfectly between your drying racks on top of all Bama Cups Turners and will not interfere with using the drying racks! Super easy tilting operation allows for quick angle adjustments, and will hold your tumbler at the perfect angle for decorating your tumblers. Great for Alcohol inks, acrylic pours, ombre's and more! 

**This 3D printed item is intended for temporary turning during the decoration process and should not be used for completing the curing process. To increase the life of your TILT-EZ, it is recommended to transfer your decorated tumbler to your primary turner to complete the curing of your epoxy.
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