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NEW OPTION!! 😎 STAGGERED Magnetic Arm Turners

NEW OPTION!! 😎 STAGGERED Magnetic Arm Turners

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Staggered turners allow you to have more arms spinning in a smaller location with plenty of room to work with your tumblers without interfering with other tumblers!
This adds the ability to place and remove your turner arms with only one hand! No more twist on and off!Β 
A powerful magnet seated in the arm will securely hold your turner arm to the machine and with the Bama Cups designed quick connections, theyΒ can be easily removed one handed as well!Β 

Custom builtΒ MagneticΒ Cup Tumbler Turner. My turner housings are made with excellent grade material and my connectors attaching the arms to the motors are 3D Printed to securely attach, while giving exceptional freedom of movement of the spinning arms, allowing for smooth, quiet operation. Each motor is separately switched on front of the machine and you only have one cord to plug into the outlet. One drying rack on top is included for each motorΒ so that you can start your next round of tumblers while waiting for the previous run to cure.Β 

IMPORTANT NOTE: Each Magnetic Turner includes ONE MAGNETIC ARM per motor, whereas my Twist-On Turners include two arms per motor! You can add extra Magnetic Arms by CLICKING HERE.

Choose your Turner Size, Motor Speed and Choose with No Outlet, or you can Add a 2-Port Electrical Outlet to the side of the machine for plugging in your heat gun, light, or phone charger.

Staggered Turner Dimensions: All Staggered Turners areΒ 11" Tall and 11" front to back, including the legs! Widths are as follows:

4 Cup 22.5"
5 Cup 27.5"
6 Cup 32.5"
7 Cup 37.5"
8 Cup 42.5"
9 Cup 47.5"
10 Cup 52.5"
11 Cup 57.5"
12 Cup 62.5"



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Customer Reviews

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Amber Rausch

NEW OPTION!! 😎 STAGGERED Magnetic Arm Turners

Michele Reeves
Staggard 9 Arm Turner

OH MY HEAVENS! My 9-arm staggered magnetic turner came in and WOW! It is totally worth the price! The packaging was excellent and had no issues during shipment. The legs were easy to attach as they were clearly labeled, and the holes were pre-marked. The magnetic arms are spectacular with easy removal. The "drying" station at the top provides much needed space for small areas. The epoxy application was not an issue with the staggered arms. There is enough space with each of the turners, so you don't have to worry about the handled cups hitting the table or each other. Be sure to select the electric outlet option as well for your heat gun. 10/10 RECOMMEND! Be sure to annotate the turnaround time as each one is custom built. Believe me, it's worth it!